One controversial argument that was raised in class was that a major reason IP is problematic is because people are selfish. Although a point was made that people should be selfish in order to reach success and get a better life for themselves, there is no denying that the selfishness of man is a major reason why IP leads to inequality crises.

A major reason that IP results in inequality is that it’s virtually impossible for individuals or smaller companies to gain rights to information that larger, wealthier corporations have. Of course, we do live in a capitalist society based on the idea of private property but it’s impossible to expect equality in such a system.

Throughout all of our discussions, there was one question that really tugged in my mind: “What can be done in an OSD system that cannot be done with IP policy?” There’s essentially nothing exclusive to OSD and the fundamental issue in my opinion is selfishness. With IP policy, companies like Tesla can exist but they don’t because people want all of the information to themselves. It isn’t understood that success can be a result of positive-sum gain instead of a zero-sum gain.

I believe that the inequality crisis can be solved through a hybrid IP and OSD policy. If innovators have a right to a percentage of ideas based off of their ideas, then they will get much more profit than if they had kept others from using it. This will also be beneficial for smaller companies who do not have IP as they will be able to develop their own products and have the opportunity to become more equal.

To sum it all up, I don’t believe that the inequality crises can possibly be solved by maintaining the IP policy. However, I don’t believe that it is necessarily fair to make everything open source. I believe a hybrid of the two where information is open, but revenue from additions to the information must be split between the original idea creators and those who built upon the idea in a reasonable share.


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