Communication is such a vital part in a quickly growing society. In order to know how to use the newest information, one must have the means to obtain the information first. In class, it was mentioned that in hospitals it would be essential to have an efficient form a communication so doctors can be most effective. However, there are many hospitals that cannot afford to improve their methods of communication due to low funds. Thus, an OSD approach to communication would prove very effective.

In wealthier countries, smart phones and computers are ubiquitous. Although teachers might not approve of this fact, it is undeniable that younger generations are getting access to more information than what was previously possible. However, there remains a great contrast between wealthy and less fortunate societies in terms of this access to communication and thus information.

In many aspects, this issue could be alleviated or even eliminated with the implementation of an Open Source Design. As stated in my previous blog post about education, this change to communication policy would make information more widely available and help bridge the education gap.

Additionally, if more individuals are allowed to work on methods of communication, then there will be a more rapid improvement as more individuals are able to contribute.

Essentially, open source policy should be implemented to make communication better for the whole world and make the world a more unified place. If everyone in the world becomes mroe aware of other cultures, perhaps much conflict could be avoided.


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