The health industry is one where money rules. Because of this, implementing OSD would be very difficult because corporations would have to give up their rights to the patents of pharmaceuticals. However, if some sort of OSD policy could be implemented, the world would be changed for the better.

Currently, drugs to cure deadly illnesses, like Daraprim, have been making the news because of unreasonable markups because of the inelasticity of the demand. It is immoral for such actions to happen and because of the current IP policy, there is little that people who cannot afford the drug can do about it. While I understand that corporations want to create the most revenue they can, they do this at the stake of millions of people who cannot afford the drug.

However, there is the defense that the margins in selling the drug are justified in that the revenue will go to more research to develop more life-saving drugs. While I do understand that, I believe that this is something that must be addressed. There is no reason for millions of people to be dying from diseases when cures exist.

Although pharmaceuticals are the main topic that comes to mind when discussing health, there are countless others that are under the vast umbrella of health. Another aspect of health is diet and nutrition. Exercise plans and healthy open source food policies could be implemented to give more people easy access to organic foods.

Personally, when I go to the store I avoid the organic food sections because they are marked up. However, if open source policy was implemented and food became cheaper, it would become much easier to decide to purchase organic products. If this change is implemented, America could perhaps begin to win the war against obesity.

Additionally, if workout plans or exercise materials became open source in a way where the studies were available to everyone, this would be beneficial as well. Many people are not aware of the best way to achieve their fitness goals and are discouraged when they do not seem results. In my own experience I feel like one of the hardest parts of working out is figuring what I am supposed to do and what my goals should be. Just making this field a little more open would be a tremendous help where purchasing incredibly expensive workout materials would not be necessary.

I firmly believe that health would benefit tremendously from the implementation of an OSD policy. While softwares and hardwares might not benefit as much, the pros in an OSD health industry far outweight the cons.


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