After class with Professor Bateman and the video about climate change denial, I was able to reflect on how I can see the effects of climate change and the seriousness of it in my daily life.

In 2006, Al Gore gave a talk called the “Inconvenient Truth.” He talked about how the environment was being negatively affected by human activity and how the world will face serious issues if climate change is not taken seriously. However, even to this day, many politicians deny climate change and there have not been significant changes implemented to address this pressing topic.

I feel that personally, it is hard to really understand climate change because the data does not affect my day to day life yet.  I understand that eventually, climate change will drastically change how I live, but because I don’t see its impact, I neglect the importance of it. I know that sea levels are rising and polar ice caps have lost a tremendous amount of area, but because it hasn’t affected me in a tangible way, I forget about it. Although I am not proud of this mindset, it is playing a huge role in politics. Politicians are not in any hurry to push new policy regarding climate change because their constituents do not really care that much.

Because of the apathy that I can relate to, I definitely believe that the first step to change has to be with me and people like me. We need to act on the quickly changing climate before it affects our day to day lives or it will be too late.

To relate the topic of climate change to the course’s topic of OSD, I believe that IP has played a significant role in the changing climate. There is no incentive for companies to try to find environmentally friendly methods of production or changing their products to become more environmentally friendly. Companies will research what will net them the greatest margins of profit and there is no reason for them not to.

Implementing all the forms of OSD that we have discussed in class would be beneficial on many different levels. The volume of research would increase tremendously along with the education. Younger generations should be more aware of the topic and danger of climate change and that should push profits away from potentially harmful products. This would also affect politics and lead to policies that would alleviate pressure on the environment.

The earth is so important because it’s something that every plant and animal shares and depends on. It’s an essential thing that life depends on and there’s only one; however, humans are constantly neglecting its health. Hopefully solutions can be found in using OSD policy and as a class we can make a difference. Even with our seemingly trivial food computer, we will be able to raise awareness and a make a difference in the world.


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